Ghana is a magical country known for the uncompromising and genuine hospitality of it people.

Ghanaian people are one of the warmest and nicest people on the planet, treating everyone with respect and courtesy.

Ghana is also known for it natural attractions and wildlife reserves like the Kakum forest or for those able to defy their fear the Canopy of trees over 100 ft from the ground.

Ghana is the second cacao exporter worldwide after the Ivory coast. The coffee you will taste there is a it true form, the most delicious you may ever have and nothing may taste the same afterwards.

Different cultures and customs
The best coffee you may have 😉
But you gotta watch your feet 😛

Ghana may be quite secure and trouble free, you still have to be on your guard due to high degree of terrorism raising in the west Africa. Be advised to take precautions on behalf of your embassy or consulate. You may also be required to take a proper medical advice before venturing into the country.

Ghana may constitute an ideal for expatriates, the cost of living remains cheap despite few spikes in the housing industry seen in the main capital Accra.

Bear in mind that the average wage may be around 250€ monthly but due to discrepancies in the latest years this value may be review totally once you are on-site.

The currency used in Ghana is the Ghanaian Cedi (GHS).

1€ = 5.2 GHS (this value may to change due to inflation or deflation).

Now the answer which interest us all is can a foreigner buy a property in Ghana?

The answer is… Yes! It is even very solicited by the government. However some lands cannot be owned privately but we will come to that.

Architectural design

There are four types of lands in Ghana: Government land, Vested land, Customery land and Private land.

Government and Vested lands: can be acquire only if you fill an application to the Executive Secretary of Lands commission or the Regional Lands Officers.

Customery lands: belong to different branchs in Ghana which have the authority to grant the particular land for which they are responsible.

Private lands: can be acquired directly and only through the owner of the land.

However a real estate agent and a lawyer will be needed during your transaction.

The legal fees and stamps duty may vary between 0 and 10% based on the price of the property.

Keep in mind that with the surge of foreigners and home buyers the value of properties in Accra rose to 90 000€ at least, and this was in 2015.

However the property market is still very much open with many awesome opportunities showing up on the market everyday all year long.

You know what to do 🙂

Ghana case is closed! See you to the next one.


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